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Zhoushan Hita Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd

ZHOUSHAN HITA PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional and leading manufacturer, Specializing in the wide range of Screw and Barrel designing, manufacturing which are used for different types of PLASTIC EXTRUSION MACHINE AND INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE.

Atlas Pars

Atlas Pars is a leading Plastic manufacturing and distribution company in Iran. We produce; Wide range of PVC Granules (Applicable in Wire and cable, Hose, Shoes and … industries) Polymeric Fillers (CaCo3 Compounds) Wide range of PVC Hoses and lay flat PE Hoses PE Films (1-3Layers): Shrink film, Stretch film, Agricultural film, Construction film, wide film and … PE bags(1-3layers): Industrial Bags, Pallet bags, freezer bag, T-shirt bag, Garbage bag, Shopping bag … We also exclusively represent LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, ABS, PS Polymers in Iran.

Sepid nylon Mfg. Co

A small shop named "Sepid Nylon" was established in Molavi street in 1979 that provided nylon products. At that time, the place was used just for selling the products. But because of the markets demand and the founders foresight the shop became the production workshop by a small extruder device in 1983. The excitement and anxiety for production on one hand , and creativity and managment on the other hand directed the company toward development. So that the number of devices and then the production capacity increased remarkably . Considering the increase of work and production capacity, a small workshop did not satisfy the markets demand. So the factory relocated to a large one in Khatoon Abad at Khavaran road.

Industrial Group Mazeroon foam

The Mazeroon Foam Ghaem Industrial Complex has launched producing Polyethylene and polystyrene derived materials since 2004. The complex, with three equipped and modern factories in Mazandaran Province, North of Iran, aims to introduce new economic products for construction, packing, insulation, and disposable dishes uses. Besides, it produces different high quality kinds of Polyethylene and polystyrene foams on the demands of users. Relying on its relentless efforts of experienced and knowing experts, the complex has achieved successful domestic as well as foreign marketing.